Dishes, Omeletes and Benedicts

Breakfast Plates

huevos rancheros
crisp tortillas topped with pork chili, roasted peppers, avocado, queso and fried eggs

foul play
fried chicken and waffle with whiskey peach compote

southern comfort
shrimp and grits with fried egg and toast

smoked salmon plate
pastrami cured salmon, cream cheese, pickled green tomatoes, onion, olive tapenade w/ salad greens

steak & eggs
2 - 4oz. beef tenderloin skewers with any style eggs, hash browns & toast

tofu fried
onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, pesto, and spinach - fried eggs will be an additional

roasted pork & chili verde
roasted pork with charred chilies, queso topped with fried eggs and tortilla

folk southern fried
fried chicken and biscuits with fried eggs and sausage gravy

3 egg omelets

with white or wheat toast and grits *sub hash browns or fruit
Healthy option -- egg whites or gluten free bread


country ham
turkey sausagez
apple wood bacon
chicken sausage
vegetarian sausage
roasted red pepper
caramelized onion
roasted garlic
green chiles
blue cheese
cream cheese
pimento cheese
shredded parmesan

Eggs Benedict

2 english muffins and 2 eggs with housemade hollandaise
*substitute gluten free bread or bun
Healthy option -- egg whites

mushroom with tomato & spinach
turkey sausage with tomato & spinach
veg. sausage with tomato & spinach
whole hog sausage with tomato & spinach
smoked salmon with tomato & spinach
country ham with tomato & spinach
lobster with tomato & spinach
 cage free eggs

any style eggs

served with corn grits and white or wheat toast
sub fruit for grits
sub hash browns
sub hash browns for grits
gluten free bread available

  • whole hog sausage
  • apple wood bacon
  • chicken sausage
  • turkey sausage
  • vegetarian soy sausage
  • fried or seared 6oz chicken breast
  • country ham