Brunch Appetizers, Dishes & Salads


redneck cheese dip
pimento cheese with saltine crackers

sweet potato beignet
donuts tossed in powdered cinamon sugar and maple syrup

edamame hummus
served with cripsy tortilla chips

I dream of weenie
house made pigs in a blanket w/ mustard mayo

the dish

southern comfort
shrimp & grits w/ fried eggs & texas toast

folk southern fried
fried chicken and biscuits with fried eggs and sausage gravy

tofu fried hash
onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, pesto, spinach, sunny up eggs & texas toast

roasted pork & chili verde
roasted pork w/ charred chilies, queso topped w/ fried eggs and tortilla

steak & eggs
Two - 4 oz. beef tenderloin skewers w/ any style eggs, hashbrowns & texas toast

healthy chicken
seared chicken breast, mushrooms, onions, egg whites, fruit & english muffin

huevos rancheros
crisp tortillas topped w/ pork chili, roasted peppers, avocado, queso & fried eggs

smoked salmon platter
pastrami cured salmon, cream cheese, pickled green tomatoes, onions, olive tapenade w/ mixed greens & texas toast


local garden greens w/ chicken
with cranberries, dates, apple bacon, grated parmesan, & housemade croutons tossed w/ rosemary garlic vinaigrette w/ grilled chicken

strawberry fields w/ blackened chicken
baby arugula, fresh strawberries, candied walnuts & pecans, blue cheese, apple bacon & croutons, tossed w/ balsamic vinaigrette